truffle quarry

It's official the Truffle quarry is a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Truffle quarrying, a craft so ancient that it still represents in our national territory a very current reality.
From training the dog to search for the various truffle species, to processing and preserving them to their use in cooking.

These are the knowledge and practices of an activity that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Indeed, this is an international recognition for a tradition that historically constitutes one of Italy's and Umbria's excellences.


This recognition is a gratification for the entire truffle supply chain, from agriculture to food and wine.

This further enhances the daily efforts that are put forth to protect and promote such a valuable practice and product.

The final decision, today Dec. 16, 2021 in Paris, at the conclusion of an application process formally submitted by Italy in March 2020.


The inscription of "Truffle Searching and Quarrying in Italy: traditional knowledge and practices" on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity is official.

An important achievement that seals even more the great bond between man and his dog and the relationship with nature.