How much Truffle to use in cooking

Amount of truffle and degree of cooking will vary according to type.

So how much truffle to use?

Black truffle and white truffle have the same nutritional properties. The white truffle however, is the most fragrant and valuable and is also the most delicate, which is why it should be used raw.

The white truffle, prepared in thin slices with a special truffle slicer, should be added to dishes while still hot; even brief cooking would destroy its organoleptic characteristics.

On the contrary, the heat of the food it is combined with enhances the truffle and releases its extraordinary aroma.

White truffles should be eaten raw.

how much truffle to use in cooking

The black truffle on the other hand, needs more heat.
In the case of the fine black winter truffle, cooking should be very fast and at a low temperature.

The black summer truffle on the other hand, also withstands longer cooking as long as it is always at low temperatures.

Short and gentle cooking helps to release all the aroma, which, however, remains less intense than that of the white truffle.

Black truffles should be cooked briefly at moderate temperatures.

how much truffle to use in cooking

Often those who buy truffles ask us, "but how much is needed for spaghetti rather than omelet?"

We will try to answer simply and clearly what seems to be the most common question among consumers.

We will provide a general guideline applicable to each type of dish.

White truffles, which are much more valuable and rare than black truffles, are also more expensive, but much smaller quantities are needed to flavor foods. The cost therefore is about the same.

How much white truffle to use? ⚖️

In a general sense, an appetizer, a first course or a second course requires the same amounts between 8 and 15 grams per person per dish, so for 4 people the amount can vary as desired from 32 to 60 grams.

How much black truffle to use? ⚖️

Black truffles, on the other hand, especially in the case of summer black, require larger quantities of about twice as much.
Most recipes call for a minimum quantity of about 15 to 20 g of black winter truffle per person, so 4 people need about 60 to 80 g of truffle.
In contrast, the recommended amount for black summer tru ffle is between 20 and 25 g per person, so 4 people need about 80 to 100 g of truffle.

Amount of truffle to grate and slice? ⚖️

Black truffles, as mentioned, should be cooked gently.
This means, for example, that for a first course, the freshly grated part of the truffle should be added to the oil while it is still hot, making sure that the stove is turned off.

If you cook an omelet, the matter is similar. The prepared truffle partly grated, partly shaved, should be added to the egg, and the mixture should be cooked slowly at a low temperature.

On first courses, as well as on meats, it is always a good idea to add a part of truffle cut into thin slices.

The recommended amount is 2/3 grated diluted black truffle and 1/3 sliced raw black truffle.

As mentioned above, the white truffle should not be grated but sliced whole into slivers.

how much truffle to use in cooking

The quantities described are for fresh or frozen truffles; for dried truffles or sauces, the discussion changes.

How much dried truffle to use? ⚖️

Before using them, truffles should be rehydrated by soaking them in warm water with a pinch of salt for at least half an hour. The recommended dose ofdried truffles is 3 to 5 grams per person, for both white and black truffles.

How much truffle sauce per person? ⚖️

For both white truffle and black truffle sauces, the recommended servings are about 20-30 grams per person.

Even in the case of sauces, foods do not have to be cooked at high temperatures; sauces can be diluted with cooking water or milk.

Let us summarize in table the quantities of truffles per person

Truffle type 2 people 4 people  cooking
 White Truffle  16-30 g  32-60 g  raw only
 Winter Black Truffle  30-40 g  60-80 g  possible to dilute
 Summer Black Truffle  40-50 g  80 - 100 g  possible to dilute
For the same amount, ripe and well-selected truffles will give more flavor to your dishes


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