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Whole honey from the Umbre hills

Rosemary honey is highly sought after and rare, as its production is very limited.

Rosemary blooms very early, between May and June, and at this time the bees are not at their full potential, as well as it is the rainy season and the harvest for the bees is poor. Light yellow, straw-colored, it has a delicate, floral fragrance and a light, finely aromatic flavor.

Format: 150 g 

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    This variety of honey, is produced exclusively from the flowers of Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis of the Lamiaceae family), an aromatic plant that is very present in our territory. The production is not very satisfactory because, as in all early blooms, the hives, just coming out of the winter months, do not have a sufficient number of bees to collect this very delicious honey, which is why it is particularly rare.

    Rosemary honey is of slow crystallization, in soft mass and fine crystals.


    This unifloral honey is characterized by a delicate, slightly floral odor. Its flavor is faint herbal, characteristic of the flower. Its color is very light, golden yellow, straw-colored when liquid, while when crystallized it is ivory.


    Rosemary honey is produced between May and June.


    Perfect for breakfast, spread on bread and rusks. It can be added to a hot drink but is also great paired with all kinds of cheese.


    Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources, preferably in the dark.

    Close tightly after each use.


Information on how to dispose of packaging (Legislative Decree 116/2020)
Separate collection: Separate the cap from the container before dropping them off for collection
CAPSULE: FE 40 (steel) CONTAINER: GL 70 (Glass)
Check the regulations of your municipality


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