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Made with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold extracted only by mechanical procedures, then flavored with BLACK TRUFFLE, it gives your dishes a distinct aroma.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil min. 98% (origin: EU), dehydrated Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.) min. 0.1% (origin: Italy), flavorings.

Method of use:
Ideal as a condiment to enhance the flavor of a first course or barbecued meats, or, directly on bread. Our extra virgin olive oil flavored with black truffle is also perfect for enhancing simple salads or to flavor pizzas and focaccia.
Recommended serving size per person: 1⁄2 tablespoon.
Once opened store unopened in a cool, dry place, away from natural light and heat sources.

Information on how to dispose of packaging (Legislative Decree 116/2020)
Separate collection: Separate the cap from the container before dropping them off for collection
CAPSULE: PE-HD 02 (plastic) CONTAINER: GL 70 (Glass)
Check the regulations of your municipality

  • pasta
  • bread
  • fish
  • meat
  • pizza
  • sandwich
  • vegetable


Nutritional information (per 100 g)

kJ 3762
kcal 899
Fats (g) 99.9
Of which saturated (g) 14.4
Carbohydrates (g) 0
of which sugars (g) 0
Protein (g) 0
Salt (g) 0

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