In this article you will find all the directions you need to best cook freshly purchased truffles.
As a first thing it is good to know how to clean the fresh truffle, and at this point you are ready to indulge yourself from the most classic to the most extravagant recipes.
Whether it is White Truffle of Alba, Black Pregiato of Norcia, Uncinato, Summer or Bianchetto you will find the necessary directions to keep its exquisite aroma at its best.

As a first step, it should be specified the big difference there is between White Truffles and Black Truffles.
The former is at its best when raw and it is advisable to use a truffle cutter to cut it into very thin slices in order to release all its aroma.
To enhance its wonderful aromas, one always tries to tie it to a fatty condiment, usually butter but all cheeses are also ideal.

The latter is also delicious raw, but if subjected to a not too intense temperature it is enhanced.
It is preferable to reduce it into a sauce or pesto, so grate it quite finely adding plenty of EVO oil, garlic and salt.

For the White Truffle, the most suitable recipes are definitely the classics, such as tagliolini, fried egg, beef tartare, or velvety soups.
Black Truffle, on the other hand, much more versatile, is suitable for fresh pasta fillings, risottos, strangozzi, meat and fish main courses, and whatnot.